Collection: Peace Is Priceless

The story behind my wanting to do a “Peace Is Priceless” National and International campaign is centered around the foundational components of my brand which are Health, Wellness, and Fitness. My goal is to bring light and promote a message that is also timeless and applicable to everyone on the planet! I want to promote the “Peace Is Priceless” message because there is a need in the world right now for a message that promotes and represents peace, hope, positivity, joy, optimism, nature, confidence, maturity, calmness, warmth, and enthusiasm. That is why I included the colors of hot pink, lemon yellow, lime green, winter blue, and orange as part of my arrangement of colors in both the Pyramid and Acy Brown logos. No matter how much personal success many people achieve or what storms one has in their life, having a peace of mind and soul will give you rest!

The Arrows surrounding my Pyramid logo are not the same arrows that is a part of the Universal Recycling company (total different design).  The Pyramid Logo is made of 19 building blocks with each block representing a personal attribute and characteristic that embodies the foundation of the Acy Brown Company.

The 3 arrows surrounding the pyramid symbolizes the constant revolving of these attributes and characteristics as the brand makes it mark on society as a whole!